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Alex Gonzaga: Wedding was my parents’ wish

Raye Sanchez




Alex Gonzaga finally became a bride, though she announced only on 17 January that she actually wed her boyfriend Mikee Morada in November in a simple ceremony at the Gonzaga residence in Taytay, Rizal.

The wedding was, in fact, overdue, since the actor-singer-vlogger’s plan to get married in October was postponed when she and Mikee, along with her parents, tested positive for Covid-19 in the same month.

The wedding was a culmination of Alex’s four-year relationship with Mikee, a Lipa City councilor. He formally proposed to Alex in December 2019 in Hong Kong.

Alex Gonzaga tied the knot with partner Mikee Morada in an intimate wedding last November 2020. (Photo courtesy of IG/cathygonzaga)

On her vlog, Alex said she had looked forward to getting married because it was her parents’ wish, especially since the raging pandemic has caused an uncertain future.

Alex, 33, pointed out that this is just the right time to settle down since she and Mikee, also 33, are certainly of age. “Mikee honored my parents’ wish that we get married first before living together,” she said in Filipino.

Mikee’s parents gifted the newlyweds with a two-story house that is under renovation. Mikee is based in Lipa and stays in the Gonzaga family home on weekends.



Love did not come easy to Alex.

Before meeting Mikee, she was in a previous relationship that lasted only two months — but which she said caused her much heartache.

The newlyweds with Toni Gonzaga, Paul Soriano and son Severiano Elliot. (Photo courtesy of IG/celestinegonzaga)

It was turning point in her life, she said in an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

She realized she couldn’t apply everything she learned from her past relationships and what she wrote in her books on dating and romance when she fell in love unexpectedly.

And then she met Mikee.

As Mrs. Morada, she said she’s reaching out to women who are feeling hopeless or still searching for “the one” to hang on. “There was a time in my life when I thought my prayers and wishes wouldn’t be granted. You just have to wait for God’s perfect time.”