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Plants, food and other outdoor joys at Araneta City




AVID plant enthusiasts can get a breath of fresh air at the Araneta City. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF FB/ARANETA CITY OUTDOORS

While the pandemic isn’t over yet, having fun outdoors isn’t such an impossible dream as local destinations have reopened their doors for people to enjoy their natural attractions again. Meanwhile, those who are stuck in the city can also enjoy some outdoor activities such as visiting parks or dining outdoors — while still observing proper social distancing rules, of course.

The City of Firsts, Araneta City, brings back the outdoor weekend activities that many have missed for the past months while ensuring there’s enough space for people to move around and be at a safe distance from each other. Grilled meals, sizzling plates and all-time Filipino comfort meals have been attracting families and friends at the Times Square Food Park.

Meanwhile, street-style food treats are also available at the Araneta City Expo along General Romulo Avenue.


HAVE a fun time searching high and low for those perfect succulents to accompany you on
work-from-home business.

In pre-Covid-19 times, Araneta City was popular among gardeners and plant lovers because of its plant section just outside the Farmer’s Market area. This weekend, Araneta City expands its offers with a pop-up Green Corner Plant Bazaar just beside the food park.

Choose from a variety of plants to match every homeowner’s needs. From endearing cacti and succulents for comfy-sized condo units, potted plants for home owners, to imported and rare greens for hobbyists and collectors.

Horticulturists from Cactus and Succulent Enthusiasts Society (CASES), will be selling their saplings and seeds for avid plantitos and plantitas. CASES will also be presenting gardening supplies and planting materials.

The Green Corner is open from 15 to 20 January, 3 p.m. to 11 p.m., at the Times Square Food Park Araneta City, in Cubao, Quezon City.