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Metro cops get promotions



A total of 1,834 police officers in the National Capital Region were promoted to higher ranks.

In a statement issued yesterday, Brig. Gen. Vicente Danao Jr., National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) chief, said the policemen passed the rigid screening and deliberation of the Philippine National Police (PNP) National Headquarters Promotion Board, NCRPO Police Commissioned Officer Promotion Committee and the NCRPO Promotion Boards Alpha and Bravo for the Calendar Year 2020 Second Level Regular Promotion Program.

During the oathtaking, donning and pinning of ranks ceremony held in Camp Bagong Diwa last Friday, the NCRPO chief urged the newly promoted lawmen to do their best in sustaining the trust and confidence of the public.

“Together, let us all help our Police Regional Office to sustain the trust and confidence of the public and be the ERA — an Example, be Responsible and Accountable — with all our actions and with all the responsibilities that we are obliged to do,” Danao said.

Among those promoted were 28 officers to the rank of lieutenant colonel; major, 141; captain, 20; lieutenant, 24; executive master sergeant, 86; chief master sergeant, 96; senior master sergeant, 249; master sergeant, 283; staff sergeant, 387, and corporal, 520.

“I hope you remember that every rank that we earn entails greater responsibility.  Let us not abuse it. Together, let us achieve our primary mission, which is to serve and protect the community. Let us reciprocate the efforts of our President in upgrading, upholding the sanctity, increasing the salary and morale of the PNP,” he added.