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Love conquers quarantines

Agile Zamora



We know of many weddings scheduled for the holiday season but were canceled due to the pandemic. This couple I am featuring, though, was one of the few who just wouldn’t let the situation get in the way of the love they have shared and hope to share for the rest of their lives.

Last 10 December 2020, we were privileged to witness two genuine and amazing people begin their life’s journey as one.

Long-time couple Schinina Juban and Greg Slaughter decided to tie the knot with a simple civil wedding. Greg is one of our most famous and highest-paid basketball players, who last played for Barangay Ginebra San Miguel in the PBA games. Schinina is a successful logistics producer for Philippine Film Studios Inc.

Newlyweds Greg Slaughter and Schinina Juban.

Our dear friend, Jun Juban, is known to most as one of the top movie producers in the country. To the bride, he is simply dad. It was this dotting father who gave his daughter Schinina’s hand to join Greg in matrimony. My hubby, Wopsy Zamora, and Lilibeth Romero were honored to witness the heartwarming ceremony as the couple’s only godparents.

Following the ceremony was an amazing outdoor garden reception at the Jubans’ beautiful home in Ayala Alabang. The area was filled with only the freshest flowers, most dramatic lights and amazing decor that made me muse it was straight out of Hollywood.


Celebrating with the newlyweds were just 12 guests. They were immediate family members and wedding sponsors from each side. The groom’s parents flew in from the United States only the day before to be with their son and welcome their new daughter to the family. While everything was really beautifully intimate, the couple promised they’re looking to celebrate with more of their loved ones with a grand church wedding once the pandemic ends.

I could really see much love and romance in this young couple, and I felt and experienced that love in everything that day — from the ceremony to the celebration. Congratulations, Greg and Schinina! I know you will live
happily-ever-slaughter together.