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Gifts from one’s travels

Honey Jarque-Loop



Pasalubongs? Some travelers consider it a curse or a disease that can ruin a holiday. Others feel the sheer pressure to look for the perfect tokens. Meanwhile, another group takes it as a challenge and an excuse to shop for gifts and more.

Bottomline: you either hate it or love it. It is undeniably part of the Filipino DNA.

Let’s hear it from these ladies who have since moved abroad — and find out what they gladly brought along from Cebu and to their new homes.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Revisiting the places where we grew up certainly brings back so many memories. Products made from capiz such as salad bowls make me remember Christmas lanterns from the same material. Another favorite is tablea, an essential ingredient for warm champorado.

Goldendale, Washington, USA

We are a family of two, just my husband Michael and I. This accounts for my very short pasalubong list, which must include the not-to-miss Cebu mango. Mind you, it’s not the usual dried mangoes – rather the Mango Purée. He mixes it to his drink which he boastfully serves to our friends as Mango Vodka de Cebu.

Moenchengladbach, Germany

For my children who have since grown up, they have learned to appreciate Efficascent Oil due to its soothing and relaxing effect on the body. For family and friends who live abroad, our specialty homemade Mango Marmalade is my choice, from our very own resort restaurant Borussia. The recipe? Concocted by my late husband Jurgen.

London, United Kingdom

Filipino handcrafted items such as natural acacia wooden serving spoons are my go-to for my acquaintances here in London. For my female friends, I usually prepare mother of pearl jewelry boxes – timeless and so elegant. A recent addition to my pasalubongs are recybags, sustainable recycled materials wherein each piece is uniquely designed.


Queens, New York, USA

After my long-overdue reunion with family and friends, I make sure to buy my favorite Cebuano delicacies such as Titay’s Rosquillos from Liloan, R&M Dried Mangoes and danggit from Carbon Market. In the confines of my home, I likewise savor these delicacies and reminisce the great and happy memories created during my most recent visit to the Philippines.

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Skilled, local artisans deserve to be supported. So, easy standouts for me are practical and decorative gifts such as handwoven abaca placemats and colorful mini capiz chandeliers that can be used for interior decoration.