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Alkhaldi eyes Olympic return

Swimming sessions and exercises have now become more intense.



Jasmine Alkhaldi is not yet giving up on her Olympic dream as she switched her preparation to higher gear in a bid to book a ticket to the Tokyo Summer Games.

Alkhaldi, a two-time Olympian, bared that she ramped up her training in a bid to improve her time of 25.48 seconds that she set in the women’s 50-meter freestyle event of the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

The Olympic Qualifying Time-A is 24.77 seconds, putting Alkhaldi very near her goal of qualifying in the Olympics.

“What really improved so far is that I can now train better. It became more convenient and my swimming sessions really increased,” said Alkhaldi, who is training in Quezon City that has more relaxed quarantine measures.

“Swimming sessions and exercises have now become more intense. Back then, it was purely online training, but now I can train with my coach at least twice a week.”

Also looking to punch tickets to the Olympics are SEA Games gold medalists James Deiparine, Remedy Rule and Luke Gebbie, who are all training non-stop in the United States.
Alkhaldi said she has no more plan of training overseas as she already found stability in the country despite the unpredictable condition due to the global pandemic.

“I think (training overseas) is now just secondary. It’s already hard to go to other countries because of the strict travel requirements,” she said, adding that her main objective is to compete in various local and international tournaments.

“The priority is to really find many qualifying tournaments and get as much as competitions from now until the deadline.”

“We have anticipated one event in the United States, but it’s not sure yet. We are hoping that there would be available (competitions)in the neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand as well.”
“Organizers have not yet announced any events as of now. But I’m still hopeful for the qualification and it is still early to tell what might happen.”