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Air fryers amp your game in the kitchen

Louise Lizan



AIR fryers are game changers in the kitchen. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF TASTEOFHOME.COM

According to National Geographic, the 10 top innovations that changed the world for mankind are the printing press, light bulb, airplane, personal computer, vaccines, automobile, clock, telephone, refrigeration and the camera — and maybe it’s time to add another to the list: air fryers.

A lot of households have admittedly been saved by air fryers once (or, in the case of those who live alone and cannot cook for the life of them — besides hotdog and scrambled eggs)
every day. Other than saving space, cooking in an air fryer saves time and effort especially when pinched for time doing Zoom meetings and classes, performing household chores or studying and homework.

According to, an air fryer is an amped-up countertop convection oven that climbed to fame when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, and people were forced to eat homecooked meals to reduce the risks of contracting the virus outside or through food deliveries. Just last month, it had been on everybody’s Christmas wish list and for good reason.

Air fryers get the job done and fast — a 15-minute break can be enough time to whip up some good ‘ol fashioned breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner á la mode.


SHANBEN Air Fryer.

Be it baked goodies, vegetables, fish, meat and everything in between, or all of them at once — it surely will come out crispy, delicious and most importantly, reduced in fat and calories (preheated pizzas don’t count). An article on says that dishes cooked in air fryers can be up to 80 percent less-fattening. Not to mention that it requires little to no oil and food secured in multifunctional lids. Gone are the days when hot oil splatters on one’s skin and arms fill up with blisters for a piece of sausage.

It won’t be difficult to find an air fryer suited to taste, too.

There are the affordable Xiamoi Lexiu Onemoon Air Fryer for P2,949 and the OEM Air Fryer for P1,953. To get quality, air-fryer goodness or the all-around, best overall Philips HD9238 Air Fryer with its Rapid Air Technology that takes the phrase “crispy on the outside, tender on the inside” literally for P18,995. For stylish air fryer finds to fit into the modern and minimalistic aesthetic homes, there’s the sleek Kyowa KW-3810 in red for P3,498 and the SHANBEN 4.5L 1400W Large Capacity Fryer for P3,038.75.

Once you’re in the air fryer train, there’s no way out. Cooking in a pan will never be the same again.