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The past year brought all sorts of different talents from people doing things they were not or didn’t have time to do before. The pandemic gave them the time to do it.




A new year, new opportunities and new hopes. Aren’t we all in the same boat in 2021? We are cautiously hopeful with the news of vaccines coming in and chilly weather putting us in a cool mood.

It seems the general consensus among most people is that Covid fatigue has come, and stayed, with some of us being even more blasé about new variants of the virus and having another lockdown.

But other than that, we are hoping that the vaccine will come quickly and reach as many people as possible. The majority of our population should be able to get vaccinated so that we can move forward together as one.

So, what are our goals this year after surviving such a surreal 2020? What could we possibly want for 2021? Most people I’ve spoken to have only wanted to go back to normal or to what they know or are comfortable with. But as I have said in previous columns, I think we can do better. Because we survived collectively this past year, we have the capacity to accomplish much more than just normal.

What are these goals that we can set for ourselves?

The past year brought all sorts of different talents from people doing things they were not or didn’t have time to do before. The pandemic gave them the time to do it. They went beyond themselves and what they were used to and were able to adapt.

Personally, I have learned to roll with the punches. Being able to adapt to uncertain situations and changes is the crux of how evolution works. And I have seen this evolution take place last year in many people.

Given a situation that you technically have no control over, I believe, brings out a better version or an evolved version of yourself. When you have been put in such a situation, your instinctive nature comes in. As far as I could tell, everybody found a way to adapt, be it throwing themselves into work, into an activity that they had never done before or a dream that they had always held off pursuing because of lack of time and whatever other excuses that may have come so easily in the past.

I think the goal this year is to continue on this path of trying to better ourselves and reach that potential that we were too scared to attain.

We have seen that we are actually capable of more than we thought we could or were told we could. We should keep practicing consistency moving forward this 2021 and keep bettering ourselves.

And just like the previous surreal year, we should try and do it with baby steps, not with grand, sweeping gestures laced with bravado, but the genuine want to be able to push ourselves a little further.

We should also consistently have the patience that uncertainty fosters. When you have no choice but to wait and mold your life around uncertainty, you tend to go about the things you do with a degree of deliberateness. You tend to think about what it is that you’re doing means to you more, which is a great way of defining carpe diem.

For 2021, I wish we all have the consistency that we had in 2020 and to always try and aim to be better than how we were yesterday, and that the rest of the year will be kinder. Happy new year!