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Even Dingdong Dantes needs a collagen boost




DINGDONG takes time to care for his youthful and timeless charm despite the demands of his work.

Who would have thought that actor Dingdong Dantes has hit 40? The youthful-looking husband of Marian Rivera recently signed up with Beautéderm Corporation as the official brand ambassador of Beautéderm Cristaux Supreme.

Cristaux Supreme is an FDA-Notified product that increases collagen synthesis to lift and moisturize the skin; whitens the skins; minimizes skin puffiness; alleviates eyebags; provides glass skin and defies aging.

The product, says Beautéderm president and CEO Rhea Anicoche-Tan, can be used even by 18-year-old men and women and is safe for lactating mothers as it was carefully created to be generally safe for all skin types. It is best applied twice a day and could even be used as a primer for makeup.

Dingdong, although always appearing at his best, is not immune to the tolls of his hectic work schedule which affects the youthful glow of his skin.

“We, men, should take care of our skin, too. Cristaux Supreme is really age defying,” says the award-winning actor who just recently concluded his top rating primetime series on GMA-7, Descendants Of The Sun.

Rhea Anicoche-Tan and Dingdong Dantes. / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF Beautéderm

Anicoche-Tan explains, “Cristaux Supreme erases two years’ worth of wrinkles in just two months of regular use. Dingdong is very hard-working and the long hours he spends on the set of his film and TV work will really give his face unwanted lines and wrinkles, and Cristaux Supreme is the most ideal serum for his lifestyle.”

Dingdong shares, “I’m very much aware of the long-term effects of my work to my skin especially now that I turned 40. I encourage every man to use an effective skin regimen as it will surely keep us looking fresh and youthful.”

This is another special year for Beautéderm as it marks the company’s 12th anniversary and the launch of Dingdong as brand ambassador is only the first of many surprises that
Anicoche-Tan has in store for the new year. Dingdong’s wife, actress Marian Rivera is the face of Beautéderm Home. The line offers home accessories, soy candles as well as room and linen sprays.

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