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The hype is real

It’s very seldom I get worked up on a product that says it gives you more distance…. this one is the real thing!



RAYMOND Bunquin says he’s driving the ball 20 yards longer with the AutoFlex shaft from South Korea. / Photograph courtesy of raymond bunquin

Golfers go through such length to improve their driving distance. They go the gym, hit the road in the morning or visit their favorite club fitters.

If testimonies are to be believed, you can now add 20 yards to your shots by replacing the shaft of your club with AutoFlex, a product of Dumina Inc., a shaft manufacturer in South Korea.
The pink-colored shaft is taking the golf community by storm despite the stiff price — P45,000.

Raymond Bunquin, the general manager of Forest Hills Golf and Country Club, is one such convert.

“It’s very seldom I get worked up on a product that says it gives you more distance…. this one is the real thing!” exclaimed Bunquin, a three-handicapper.

“AutoFlex gave me additional 20 yards on the fly without additional effort at all. It also made my misses very manageable, lesser dispersed shots. I believe it can easily help golfers of all levels.”
Bunquin said he was introduced to the shaft three weeks ago by Paolo Cagalingan and JJ Atencio of Januarius Golf.

Playing against his regular playing partners, Bunquin said “the return of investment is quicker than expected” because of his advantage off the tee.

“I think the happiness it gives doesn’t have a price,” Bunquin said.

Raymond Sangil, another single handicapper and consultant at the Mt. Malarayat Golf and Country Club, swore by Autoflex, saying it’s good as advertised.

“It’s a matter of finding the right tempo for it,” said Sangil when asked about the shaft’s accuracy.

In a series of Facebook posts, Sangil said he felt different the first time he waggled the club.

“Once I hit a good shot with it though and saw the gain in yardage, I was convinced that it works!” Sangil said.

Jobim Carlos, one of the country’s top young professionals, also tried the Autoflex during his visit at the Customs Clubmakers and achieved 320 yards, about 15 yards longer than his average.
Carlos said he wants to try it on the course first before he decides to replace his current shaft.

“I can’t really tell if it is more accurate until I bring it to the course,” he said.

Because of the price, Carlos said most pros may not be able to use it.

AutoFlex allows golfers to swing easily and smoothly with a much lighter shaft. It will not only result in fewer aches and pains, but scores will improve as well.

Four shaft models fit all levels — ladies, men, seniors and pros.

AutoFlex is fitted and installed at Customs Clubmakers.

Club fitter Jake Ong said stocks are flying off the shelves.

“The next batch arrives next month and a lot have been pre-paid — truly, a hot commodity,” said Bunquin.

Ong, however, cautions against buying the shaft without trying it out first.

“Because the shaft is whippy and light and longer than conventional shaft, it may not be for everybody,” said Ong. “Angelo Que tried it but did not work out fine.”

Ong said they have demo shafts at Customs Clubmakers, but for those who want to purchase will have to wait for a while.

Generally, the feedbacks are good.

“Many are happy with the results. I say the improvement is about 25 yards average. Some even went to the extent of replacing the shaft of all his clubs,” he said.

AutoFlex’s composition is a mystery.

“They did not reveal the technology behind it except saying it’s hidden,” Ong said.

Are you ready to shell out P45,000 for the pink shaft?