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Drug use claim forced by cops?

Portugal declared that all five of her clients have tested negative for drugs

Alvin Murcia



A lawyer to some of the persons of interest in the death of Christine Dacera during a New Year’s Day party in a hotel claimed on Wednesday that one of he clients was forced to echo an insinuation of drug use during the affair by some officers of the Makati City Police.

Attorney Abigail Portugal told reporters at the Makati City Hall yesterday that the hint of drug use was supplied by the investigators after subjecting John Paul de la Serna and Rommel Galido to mental torture and misrepresentation.

She made the claim after the preliminary investigation on the case at the Makati City Prosecutors Office yesterday.

Portugal represents De la Serna and Galido, along with three other respondents to the Dacera case namely, Gregorio de Guzman, Clark Rapinan, and Valentine Rosales.

She also claimed the cops promised to set the De la Serna and Galido free and that no charges would be filed against them if they make a claim about the presence of drugs during the party.

The two respondents were initially detained at the Makati City Police. They were released by the Makati City Prosecutor’s Office due to insufficiency of evidence.

Portugal declared that all five of her clients have tested negative for drugs.

De la Serna, Galido, De Guzman, Rapinan, and Rosales have also filed their counter-affidavits to the police’s provisional complaint of rape with homicide over Dacera’s death.