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Kris Aquino: No second chances in love

The TV host posted a seven-minute video titled ‘He Said, She Said,’ with cohost and ex-boyfriend, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

Louise Lizan



Photograph courtesy of ig_krisaquino Kris Aquino

Kris Aquino doesn’t believe in second chances in a relationship.

“If it didn’t work the first time around, there must’ve been a reason,” the television host said in an Instagram video, He Said, She Said.

But her cohost and ex-boyfriend, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, didn’t agree when he commented: “Hindi rin.”

In the seven-minute video, Kris and Herbert expressed their respective opinions on topics revolving around love and success: their idea of love, perfect dates, and the problem of celebrities with dating, among others.

When Kris said she didn’t believe in second chances, Herbert joked that he didn’t even get a first chance.

The Kris-Herbert romance reportedly started in February 2014 when Herbert asked for her phone number. Later Kris admitted on the show Aquino and Abunda that she and Herbert were dating. Kris said Herbert proposed marriage in April 2014, but he broke off with her a few days later.

He tried proposing again in 2017 with a one-carat, heart-shaped D-color diamond ring, which Kris declined.


Failed marriage

“You haven’t been married, I’ve been married,” Kris told Herbert in their video, referring to her five-year marriage to basketball star James Yap which ended in separation in 2010.

The union produced a son, Bimby, who was born James Carlo Aquino-Yap Jr.

Kris has an elder son, Josh (Joshua), by former live-in boyfriend Philip Salvador.

“I tried so many times, but you’ll know when it’s broken,” she said. “And once it’s broken, the people who try to pick up those broken pieces end up getting hurt. So, if it’s really broken, let it go.”

Kris said that her relationship with James was not deep enough: “I didn’t think it was love.”

Herbert then asked her why she got married if not for love.

She answered, “I wanted to be married lang, what’s wrong with that? It turned out to be wrong, but now I learned from it.”

For Herbert, love is about sacrifice, and that the loved one feels for another depends on one’s age.

“It shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice. But there were portions that I really felt like I was sacrificing,” said Kris.

Herbert asked if the sacrifice was during her marriage with Yap.

“It was also with you,” Kris said, as Herbert broke into laughter.