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Bitter biter




Motorcycle riders seem to have grabbed the title as “King of the Road” from jeepney drivers as they are now the dominant motorist group in Metro Manila and other major urban centers. But jeepney drivers are not yet ready to give up their reputation as “sweet lover” to riders. Two incidents of domestic violence against bikers in the past 30 days indicate this.

Recall the delivery rider who had a spat with his live-in partner after a one-on-one drinking session one Sunday in December. The drunken May Anne Valenzuela, 23, got irked when Raul Lamban, 41, also drunk, failed to promptly wake up and open the door of their house when she returned home from another drinking session with her lady friends.

When Valenzuela was finally let inside after a few minutes of knocking, a heated argument ensued between the two. The quarrel ended after Valenzuela took a kitchen knife and slashed Lamban’s face twice.

Another rider had a far worse experience with his angry partner on New Year’s Day. Tricycle driver Vladimir and fish vendor Beth (not their real names) met in 2013 and their romance blossomed. After three years though, Beth started getting jealous and suspected Vladimir of flirting with other women. During angry bouts, they would hurt each other.

Vladimir got fed up with Beth and after eight years of living together broke up with her. He left their love nest in Makato, Aklan and became a stay-in driver at the tricycle owner’s house.

Beth has yet to get over the breakup. She confronted Vladimir on 1 January while he was having a drinking session with Ronilo Reyes, the husband of the tricycle owner, to celebrate the New Year.

Beth caused a scene as she demanded that Vladimir return the tricycle to the owner, apparently jealous of the latter. Vladimir tried to pacify Beth by talking to her inside a room.

Unfortunately, their argument escalated. She grabbed his hair and slammed his head against the wall. She also kicked him and a table brimming with food, spilling its contents on the floor. Vladimir tried to stop her by grabbing her hair but she only ripped off his clothes.

Soon, Beth came running out of the room with a bloodied mouth and left the place, according to Reyes, who witnessed the fight. At first, Reyes thought Vladimir punched him in the face. To his shock, Reyes saw the trike driver come out of the room with his genitals exposed and bleeding. He realized that Beth chomped on his manhood.

Vladimir declined to be taken to the hospital for treatment and just applied guava leaves to his wound. Retelling the incident later in a TV show, he recalled Beth’s rage fueled by her jealousy with the trike owner.

The latter, 69-year-old Emma, vehemently denied she was having an affair with Vladimir. Her grandsons can attest to that, she said.