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The decade’s promising young men

Jojo G. Silvestre



As we embark on a new decade, one that, from its start, has been confronted head-on by a pandemic and its attendant challenges, we see the rise of a new breed of leaders who will address both the problems brought upon them by the irresponsibility, callousness and greed of the generations that came and went before them, and the challenges that accompany the vagaries of time, for the future indeed can surprise us with what we thought would never happen and what we thought we would never have to face.

Social Set presents in this issue some of our promising young men under 50 who, we believe, will take center stage, lead their pack and kick aside the boulders that will impede their generation’s progress.

Matthew Manotoc

Here they are in a gallery of photos, as our way of introducing our series “Hope and Promise 2021” featuring those of the younger generations who have shown their potential and are most likely to occupy their seats of leadership, prominence and achievement with the unfolding of this new interesting decade.


Let us expect the best as we pin our hopes on these promising young men whom we have chosen based on their accomplishments so far in their respective passions, talents and concerns. Jojo G. Silvestre

Next Sunday, Leading Young Ladies of the New Decade.

ADRIK Cristobal

Rodrigo Cuenca

Simon Tantoco

Jeff Ortega

MiKE Huang

TOFF de Venecia

Bernard Dy

Cary Lagdameo


LA Aguinaldo