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Snack Mindfully and with Love




With all that happened in the past year, one thing that most people have learned is how to be mindful of their actions. Like how to be mindful of your safety when venturing outside the house.

Increasingly, more and more people are also learning how to snack mindfully, especially now that staying at home has become the new normal. As a snacks company, Snacking Mindfully is important to Mondelez Philippines. The company advocates for eating with intention and attention. Knowing why you want to snack, choosing the right snack, and savoring the moment to avoid overeating.

Recently, consumers were encouraged to take part in a snacking mindfully campaign, which also resulted in sharing love and care for families in need.

Held from September 15 to December 31, 2020, the “Snack Mindfully” campaign was launched by Mondelez Philippines and Robinsons Supermarket Corporation through the latter’s Easymart, The Marketplace, and Robinsons Supermarket stores.

The campaign encouraged consumers to snack mindfully by purchasing portion-controlled snack products of Mondelez Philippines. The Company believes in providing consumers with the right snacks to meet their lifestyle and snacking needs. Portion-controlled products are those which contain only 200 calories or below. By providing these portioned packs, consumers can balance their nutrition and indulgence needs more easily. Mondelez Philippines snack products included in the promo were Oreo 3-piece packs, Cheez Whiz, Cadbury Lickables, Tiger Crackers, and Cadbury Shots.

For every purchase of these participating packs, consumers were also able to contribute P5.00 to partner organization Rise Against Hunger. The latter is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable.

The contributions through the campaign were used to purchase snack packs shared with families in Taguig last Christmas. A total of 2,000 snack packs were raised, given to families in Rise Against Hunger’s adopted communities in the City.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic last March 2020, we have been working hard with Mondelez Philippines to reach out to communities in danger of facing hunger,” shares Jomar Fleras, Executive Director of Rise Against Hunger.

We know that this pandemic has caused much disruption, and that’s why we appreciate this continued partnership in providing snacks and food to our adopted communities. Throughout this year we have been able to benefit over 67,000 families, through 2,445 cases of Mondelez Philippines’ donated products. We are thankful for this partnership and hopeful for continued support as we move forward and grow stronger as a community. May we continue to be more mindful of our thoughts and actions to protect our future.”
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