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Hong Kong MX makes its famous pastries available for the holiday season for a limited period.



The brand Hong Kong MX is most famous for its mooncakes. Officially Hong Kong’s best-selling brand of mooncakes for more than 20 years now, it offers several gold-standard quality mooncake flavors — from the classic Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with 2 Yolks that brought the brand to fame, to its reduced sugar series, mixed nuts series, yolk series and lava and custard mooncake series. So popular are its mooncakes that pop-up stores selling limited-edition Hong Kong MX mooncakes opened in Manila in time for the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2019, and have since become a tradition.

Just recently, Hong Kong MX started another tradition in Manila when it made its equally famous pastries available for the Christmas season for a limited period. Available until 21 January 2021 at the Hong Kong MX store located at SM Mall of Asia (MoA) and until 25 January 2021 at Eastwood Mall, these pastries are made from pure butter and are without preservatives, shortening, margarine or additives. They come in lovely boxes and are packed to be enjoyed by two or more people. They also make a nice gift to give someone on special occasions.

The Original Hearty Butter Pastries come in heart shapes.

Among the featured ones are the Hearty Butter Pastries. Heart-shaped in design, these festive bites with an exquisite butter pastry caramel crust satisfy the craving of those who enjoy a rich, crunchy mouth feel complemented by a sweet and milky coconut aroma in each bite. This unique experience is achieved by incorporating New Zealand butter into the intricate double-baking technique used to create each perfect piece of pastry. Hearty Butter Pastries come in original, maple syrup, hazelnut and coconut flavors, and are available in several packages: (1) MX Hearty Butter Pastries Gift Set, which contains six pieces each of the original and coconut variants and five pieces each of the maple syrup and hazelnut variants for a total of 22 pieces; (2) Fat Choy Pastries Gift Box, which combines eight pieces of original Hearty Butter Pastries with 10 pieces of butter cookies and (3) Hong Kong MX Snack Packs, of which the Hearty Maple Pastry and the Hearty Original Pastry are two of the five flavor choices.

Hong Kong MX’s Mille-Feuille Gift Set features almond, hazelnut and chocolate mille-feuilles in a tin can. / Photographs by Dolly Dy-Zulueta for the Daily Tribune

Hong Kong MX is also very proud of its Original Almond Mille-Feuille, which is a masterful blend of buttery, aromatic almonds and layers of finely crafted puff pastry. Topped with a layer of crispy almonds, this signature confection comes in three flavors — almond, hazelnut and chocolate — cut into glorious rectangular bite sizes that will be gone in two to three mouthfuls. Foremost in this festive season is the Mille-Feuille Gift Set, whose smartly segmented box offers 10 pieces of Almond Mille-Feuille and four pieces each of the hazelnut and chocolate variants. It is well represented in the exquisite Pastries Trio Deluxe box, and its original almond and chocolate variants come in their own bags among the Hong Kong MX Snack Packs selections.

The third major product that’s still available in Hong Kong MX stores at SM MoA and Eastwood Mall is Original Eggrolls. These are like our very own barquillos but made using French butter, fresh eggs, fine flour and water into exciting original, matcha, chocolate and coconut variants. The eggrolls are sold on their own — in Original Eggrolls Gift Box (32 pieces) packaged in a classic tin box, Eggroll Set (15 pieces) and Assorted Petite Eggrolls Gift Box (36 pieces). The product may be simple, but the prestigious Monde Selection gave it the much-coveted 2020 gold medal award.
These decadent Hong Kong MX pastries make wonderful gifts for family and friends not just throughout the Christmas season but all the way to the Lunar New Year.

Original Eggrolls in original, matcha, chocolate and coconut flavors.

Aside from the two Hong Kong MX stores, these delightful bites can be ordered via HongkongMXMooncakes Philippines on Facebook, @hkmxproductsph on Instagram, DD Hong Kong MX Products on Lazada and Shopee, Double Down PH-Cabatuan on GrabMart, Double Down Import and Export Inc. on FoodPanda’s PandaMart, and select Rustans Supermarket and Robinsons Supermarket branches.