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Weaponized wife




To say that a 24-year-old male resident of Barangay San Isidro, Zaragoza, Nueva Ecija was armed and dangerous when he barged into a church on 1 January 2021 was an understatement.

People attending afternoon Mass at the San Vicente parish church in the neighboring village of San Vicente would naturally feel alarmed seeing someone with a katana inside a place of worship. But the churchgoers also panicked because the man acting like a “samurai” also carried two revolvers a la Jesse James and two jungle bolos a la Rambo.

Fortunately, Zaragoza police officers were quick to respond before the guy started hacking and shooting anyone. Not only weapons were seized from him, but also suspected shabu in a sachet, suggesting he was under the influence of drugs when he decided to act like a cosplay character. The suspect is now facing charges of illegal possession of firearms, ammunition, deadly weapons and illegal drugs.

In Calasiao, Pangasinan, a 56-year-old husband had an almost similar terrifying experience as the Zaragoza churchgoers.

Based on the police complaint filed at Barangay Ambonao on 29 December 2020, Nestor Agas claimed to have been attacked and mauled inside their house. The attacker also allegedly stabbed him with a knife in the butt.

Agas first reported the stabbing to the barangay captain, but the attacker threatened to kill him, prompting him to file a complaint with the police. He also told the police that the attacker was always armed with a knife and bolo.
When confronted by the police, the suspect denied the accusations.

According to Agas’ wife, how could she hurt her husband who is a man?

Calasiao Police Chief Lt. Col. Ferdinand de Asis settled the domestic dispute by advising the couple to cool down and set aside their differences. The husband eventually withdrew his complaint of battery against his wife on New Year’s Eve, saying he didn’t want her jailed and it was also their children’s wish.

De Asis reminded husbands intending to charge their “violent” wives with battery. He said there is no law protecting husbands against such offenses committed by their wives. The husband can only go as far as charging his wife with physical injury.