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Sunset’s promise




n Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince, the novel’s titular hero shares with the Aviator that he once watched the sunset 43 times in one day — 44 times in the English language version.
The Little Prince lived in such a tiny planet that by moving his chair around, he could indeed watch the setting sun innumerable times.


“You know when a person is very, very sad, he likes sunsets,” he shared.

On the last day of 2020, like the Little Prince, perhaps we can all gaze at the setting sun, and, as we remember the losses we experienced this year, we can also look forward with hope and manifest a collective wish for 2021: That the pestilence that has shrouded humanity comes to an end and magically, we be allowed to resume our old lives, leaving us to count yesterday’s sorrows as merely a bad dream.

There is nothing more glorious than to ride the waves in San Juan, La Union with the waning sun shining resplendently behind you.

Twilight always brings with it the promise of a new morning. With the vaccine for the coronavirus already a reality, dawn is indeed just a few more hours away. And unlike the Little Prince, we would only need to watch the setting sun just once in a day.

Although businesses appear to fall silent at day’s end, modern technology has kept industries ticking until the wee hours of morning.


With 2020 coming to a close, we all await the arrival of the new year and its promise of growth and abundance.

These roadside stalls in Angono, Rizal stay up all night to supply the needs of truckers who shuttle goods in and out of Metro Manila.