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College students bring light to a bleak holiday

Abigal To and Hannah Felix started Marahuyo, a donation drive for Filipino families affected by the pandemic

Katarina Lopez



Abigal To and Hannah Felix founded the non-profit organization Abot PH earlier this year. They are advocates of social justice and environmental sustainability.

“We believe that giving, offering, and reaching out with our hands spreads profound love, hope and faith, which is why we chose — and continually choose
— to give our own hands, hearts and minds, for the betterment of the world,” Abigail said.

They are determined to contribute to the vision of a safe, sustainable and unified world through their organization but maintaining and sustaining it is not an easy feat, especially since they are also busy with their studies.

“When it gets hard, God pulls me back to James 1:2-3 — that these trials and tests of our faith build up perseverance,” Hannah said. “He also reminds me na ‘di ko naman dapat ginagawa ‘to (I’m not just doing this) for myself but for our beneficiaries; for our volunteers to see God’s light, love and glory; and, most of all, to exemplify God’s patience and undying love to an undeserving world.”

photographs courtesy of fb/abot ph
Marahuyo is Abot PH’s special Christmas donation drive aiming to provide food, contextual support and booklets on applied education, environmental sustainability and the Gospel to various communities in the Philippines.

With this mindset and faith in their cause, the two continue to work for that vision to come true, and one of these is coming to fruition. Abigail and Hannah started Marahuyo, an in-kind donation drive for families all over the Philippines last 8 November.

“We hope to bring the wonders of Christmas to our fellow Filipinos who have been severely affected by tragic realities, such as Covid-19, calamities and indigence, spreading love and hope to as many people we can reach,” Abigail said.

Marahuyo, which means “made awestruck in wonder,” is Abot PH’s special Christmas donation drive. Its aim is to provide food, contextual support and booklets on applied education,

environmental sustainability and the Gospel to various communities in the country. To donate, visit For cash donations, visit

In Abot PH’s Facebook page, the Marahuyo project posted that it earned P25,965 from cash donations, fundraisers and research-for-a-cause profit. The amount was used to spend for booklet printing, Facebook and Instagram ads, gas budget for Mindanao hub deliveries, shipping of good to Payatas hubs and food to Barangay 572 in Manila and shipping of plant kits for cash donors.
It may seem that their little Christmas project is their way of helping people the best way they can.

“We don’t only help the hubs and communities with what they need — they also help us with what we need, which is the wisdom, joy, bayanihan (communal spirit) and love that God has taught them in poverty and hardship. We’re offering each other what we have and God has opened my eyes so much through it, and I hope that all of our viewers and beneficiaries see and feel the wonder too,” she said.

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