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Christmas is Family

Family, lest we forget, is about Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus two thousand years ago

Jojo G. Silvestre



An old adage about the home being a place like no other comes second in truth and significance only to that which says that nothing beats the family when it comes to importance, source of comfort and solace and, most especially at this difficult time in the world’s history, support.

Christmas is when we all tend to be melancholy, most likely because we are missing a singular company, whether a lover or a friend or a parent long gone, or because we pine for a time when life was much easier, and problems belonged to our elders.

We want to go back to our childhood when we looked forward to a new outfit or something special on the table, and to visiting our godparents and singing carols around the neighborhood made our Christmas day.

Three is a family for Randy, Irene (nee Martel) and Isabel Francisco.

This pandemic, the family has been given back its importance.

Parents, children and siblings who used to have less time for one another suddenly found themselves together at home for long periods of time. What many saw only as a curse turned out to be a blessing as well in many ways than we ever could imagine.

Family members once again learned to play and work together.

Meals once again became family affairs and there is now more time to sit down and enjoy each other’s company after breakfast or lunch unlike the pre-pandemic days when each family member went about their separate ways rushing to work, school or friends, if they ever ate together at all.

Notwithstanding the challenges, it is still a happy year for the Angaras — Senator Sonny, Tootsy and children Manolo, Ines and Javier.

This Christmas season, Social Set is sharing some photographs of families who spent their time together on Christmas Day.

It is our way of paying tribute to the institution that is the family, the basic foundation of society, howsoever we conceive the word “family” to be.

Family, lest we forget, is about Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus two thousand years ago.

As we remember the birth of Jesus, let us continue to hope and pray for better times to come.

He came to save us then. For sure, he is here to save us now.

A SUNNY and sandy white Christmas for Marco and Lisa (nee Romualdez) Nieto and their two boys.

Christian Espiritu with son Justin and kids fondly remember Mommy Gli who went up to heaven a year ago.

ALL Bienvenido. Four generations of Tantoco men.