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Celebrating milestones

We remove our masks briefly if only for picture taking purposes, but you can rest assured we put them back after documenting the event.

Agile Zamora



One can’t believe there are so many birthday parties and Christmas dinners amidst the pandemic.

Usually, around 10 people, at most a dozen, gather to celebrate and take the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends.

Sonny Tanchanco, Emmy Gonzales, birthday boy John Gaddi and Roulette Esmilla.

I am surprised our calendar for the holidays during this pandemic is already full, although as I have stated, these are small gatherings. It is, of course, assumed that those who attend them are healthy and safe, and in keeping with the protocol, are equipped with their protective gear.

One is sure to notice that many groups have been created on social media, Messenger and Viber groups taking the lead. These days, it is so easy to invite, chat and exchange messages among yourselves who make up a group, although message overload can be a daily occurrence. Sometimes, we can’t even read all the messages and the exchange of ideas.

Mayenne Carmona, Dr. Cecile Infantado and Francis de Leon.

In the case of real parties, meaning ones where you are actually present, we remove our masks briefly if only for picture taking purposes, but you can rest assured we put them back after documenting the event. After all, of what use is a picture if one’s face is not visible?

Anyway, our “Glitter and Glamour Girl,” Ruby Chua, celebrated her birthday dinner with a few friends at the Veranda private room of the PEAK Grill at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, BGC, exactly the same venue of our Christmas dinner with the JL & Co. group!

(SITTING) Connie Haw, Joy Rustia, Johnny Litton, Brenda Ngo and Ruby Chua. (Standing) from left: Grace Gobing, Agile Zamora, Nikki Tang and Carolyne Tan.

By “Glitter and Glamour Girl,” we are referring to the ladies whom our “Social Set” editor, Jojo G. Silvestre, has featured on his occasional column “Glitter and Glamour.” He features women who are not only attractive and active in the social scene but, most importantly, making a difference in society through their involvement in social development projects. At the same time, the elusive yet inclusive Jojo asks them about their brand preferences, whether for their cosmetics or leather accessories or hotels they stay in, which is the Social Set’s way of helping push the retail and service economy that has badly suffered this pandemic. Besides, you’d be pleased to know that these ladies, even when relaxing at home, are well-dressed and, more importantly, physically active.

Joy Rustia, Grace Gobing, Johnny Litton and Connie Haw.

John Gaddi celebrated with a few friends and family at their lovely home in Magallanes Village. Another celebrator was Dr. Cecile Infantado who was feted in a dinner at Bloom Cafe.


At this time, we need Vitamin F or make that “Friends” to boost our immune system as we laugh with them and enjoy the night. Moreover, we feel good after seeing our friends and, in the coming days, bask cheerfully at the thought of such great and fun company.

Glitter and Glamour ladies. Georgette Wilson, Brenda Ngo, Tiffany Cuña, Agile Zamora and birthday girl Ruby Chua.

(FROM left) Earl Fernandez and lovely couple Conrad Onglao and Zsa Zsa Padilla.