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Ladies of philanthropy

Honey Jarque-Loop



The year 2020, almost everyone’s annus horribilis bar exception — and what a long 12 months it has been — finally draws to its end.

Though it was riddled with stress, fear and anxiety, it is crucial to sincerely look back on what has transpired, from the ongoing pandemic to all the persistent calamities.

Through the days, faced with unrivaled and unprecedented challenges, we have, I must say, become more sharing neighbors — willing to genuinely help out those in a pinch — and most importantly, have transformed to be more concerned, caring and loving individuals.


Cherique Larrazabal Garcia in a Wendell Quisido original.

Though the future may still remain rather bleak, some great strides have been made with the COVID-19 vaccines — although there are still a few tests to be conducted and concluded, plus distribution woes to worry about.

As the saying goes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the days ahead certainly have a silver lining.

Bursting with anticipation for better times, we simply cannot resist but look forward plus reminisce on fundraising affairs and similar gala balls, where the movers and doers — ladies of substance in their dazzling and bedazzled evening gowns – have spearheaded the realization of noble causes to tap regular patrons, generous sponsors and devoted supporters to raise donations to reach out to those in need. So more than ever, they are prepared to lead the way in similar fashion.