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DOG DAY afternoon

Two weeks after the devastating typhoon, hardly any trace of the massive flood could be seen at the dog shelter and its neighboring structures.



It took one typhoon and a social media post for help to come pouring for a once unheard of animal shelter in San Mateo, Rizal whose furry residents’ hopes of staying alive were literally hanging by a thread — or in this case, by the roof.

That viral photo of the San Mateo Dog Pound submerged in at least two-storeys high of murky floodwater as typhoon “Ulysses” battered through Luzon last 12 November triggered private individuals, organizations, and even celebrities to spring into action to save the at least 60 surrendered and rescued dogs being cared for at the facility.

“The water rose quickly, in less than an hour the ankle-deep flood reached near the rooftop. We had no electricity, we were virtually throwing the dogs to the roof so they won’t drown,” Denver Garcia, one of the volunteers shared with the Daily Tribune in the vernacular.

Thankfully, the massive flood subsided within hours. It was, however, bittersweet for Denver and his fellow “fur parents” as not all of the dogs survived.

“Some drowned and were washed away by the flood. But we’re still thankful most of the dogs are now safe, including us,” he said.


As one of the only handful of dog pounds in the country with a no-kill policy, meaning it does not euthanize the impounded animals, the San Mateo Dog Pound heavily relies on subsidy from the municipal government which oftentimes does not cover all of the dogs’ needs.

Help in all forms has now poured in, however, and continues to arrive. So much so that whatever is in excess, the shelter sends to other dog pounds needing supplies.

Those wanting to send donations or even interested to foster or adopt the impounded dogs may directly contact the San Mateo local government.