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Leni Robredo for President



If we consult the original plan of the Liberal Party, it is evident that they had designed their long term strategy to first install Manuel Roxas as Benigno Aquino III’s successor, and justifying their 18-year agenda as necessary to effectively perpetuate their economic agenda and transform Philippine society from its infernal foundations mired in the muck of destitution and patronage politics, by 2022, they were to ensure that Leonor Robredo, upon apprenticing under the tutelage of her principal, Roxas, would take the nation’s reins.

While national output had grown largely from improvements under the Arroyo administration, ironically, under Aquino poverty hardly improved as unemployment, hunger and inequity indices remained practically fixed under his non-inclusive albeit ballyhooed growth.

Worse, corruption ran rampant.

Roxas, despite his elitist stigma and his pandering to patronage, personality, and money politics, desperately needed to win.

The eventual handover in 2022 after a neophyte national politician with neither credible experience nor administrative savvy was the penultimate game plan to perpetuate the grand ambition of the Liberal Party for total control.

From the inception of this grand design to perpetuate power, Robredo was never intended to lead.

She is sorely uninspiring. She was never seen as an alternative to the president as is expected of a Vice President.

Against a planned Roxas presidency, a pawn, she was simply to have basked in his artificial incandescence, and her sheen, reflected simply from the Liberal Party’s publicity machine.

The eventual Roxas to Robredo succession strategy after six years would have been based on her apprenticeship and the plan, for 2022 as it was in 2016, was to fully employ all governments assets, plus the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and what would have been Roxas’ bureaucracy, all marshaled under the Liberal Party to overwhelm democratic and popular choices and forcibly install Robredo.

Note how the system was then rigged.

Despite its proven flaws, Smartmatic was picked to handle the 2016 elections.

Aquino likewise packed the Supreme Court with a school mate, ensuring that, despite lacking experience worsened by dishonesty issues, she would be the longest serving Chief Justice, installed to serve past a Roxas and Robredo presidency.

See also Aquino’s appointment as Solicitor General, an ally short on trial experience but who supported the free occupation and use of our military bases by foreigners.

So unpopular, he was to be totally rejected by the electorate in a subsequent poll.

Add Aquino’s appointment to the Office of the Ombudsman of another old ally, plus his appointment to the Comelec a chairman now a fugitive from justice.

Also add Aquino’s signature criminal pork barrel served up to fatten and feed his legislative pigsty.

All these were pre-positioned for a Robredo for President juggernaut after a six-year Roxas term.

Note how Robredo, from day one, has not acted as a Vice President to Rodrigo Duterte, choosing instead to wallow in her delusions, there envisioning herself as president in 2022.

She employs the power and funds of her office as campaign machinery and means, constantly positioning herself a counterfoil, annoying, taunting and knit-picking as do Yellow saboteurs.

Her fake eyeglasses, made-over hairdo, and ghost-written speeches from 2016 to today declare one ambition-driven message — Leni for President.