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Why Leni likely lost

“If we consider continuous polling as unbroken referenda and revalidation, then, indeed, Robredo’s mandate remains unsubstantiated, and her performance, ineffective.



There are particularly good reasons to believe that the position Leni Robredo has been occupying for the last four years, which the Yellows claim she won, is likely not hers.

This presumption has little to do with the ongoing protest at the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET) still looking at specific polling jurisdictions that may or may not reflect the actual count.

Instead, it has more to do with a wider scope of odds disfavoring someone — the de facto full-time leader of the opposition — who might not deserve to be among this administration.

The PET cases refer to three courses of action and basically a limited number of electoral jurisdictions.

We will not tackle any of those and thus steer clear of the merits of specific issues pending with the PET.

We will however discuss the likelihood of shenanigans under the powers that controlled the 2016 electoral exercise — the Commission on Elections (Comelec), Smartmatic and the Liberal Party. Recall then a dispensation so desperate to perpetuate its hold on power and further its ambitions under a candidate so nauseatingly shunned he could not even win a lower position in a subsequent election.

Manuel Roxas, Robredo’s running mate in 2016, should logically have won given mommy’s millions and the all-out support the Yellows rustled up to perpetuate power programmed to span Benigno Aquino III’s six years, to Roxas’s presumed six, and finally, a third six-year term for Robredo in 2022.

Their ambitious 18-year Third Reich is not an allegation.

Greed and ambition recognize no bounds. The damning evidence is in the political agenda circulated in their 2016 campaign to install Roxas and Robredo in posts the public did not want surrendered to the ineptitude of bunglers who comprised Aquino’s incumbency.

To their misfortune, the Yellows misread the electorate.

Not only was Roxas totally rejected, he was so deeply repudiated that a former policeman, an aging telenovela bit-part actor, even an acquitted jailbird each ranked exponentially higher in a subsequent election in 2020.

Waters cannot rise above its source.

If Roxas, bankrolled with elitist billions, was left to rot in the proverbial ditch, how indeed would a second-choice Plan B running mate simply packaged and coiffured with vicarious post-necrological imageries have reached higher heights?

Recall the Yellow ruling class in 2016.

Note factors that show how an unknown outside elitist academe and bourgeois breakfast clubs can claim the vice presidency. Add to her backers and bankrollers, a fugitive Aquino-appointed Comelec chairman who not only oversaw irregularities in the codes of counting machine servers, the initial inclusion of “test votes” in counted ballots, the presence of Smartmatic machines hidden within a commercial complex owned by one candidate, but also, unexplained millions in numerous joint bank accounts bearing the Comelec chairman’s name.

In every post-2016 poll, Robredo’s tragically failed approval ratings diametrically debunk and virtually delegitimize the mandate she claims.

If we consider continuous polling as unbroken referenda and revalidation, then, indeed, Robredo’s mandate remains unsubstantiated, and her performance, ineffective.

She remains in the equation simply because Philippine politics is characterized by patronage and moneyed oligarchic connections more than merit.

Simply analyze her elitist support base. Do they genuinely constitute the Philippine electorate?