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Life in an ideal BPO company




TDCX Workspace officer Reem Leonardo emphasizes how the #BeHappier vibe and the ‘Welcome Home’ culture are afforded to everyone. / Photograph courtesy of TDCX

Global BPO TDCX — a well-known enabler of the country’s digital economy — has described the ideal work environment as an intimate place that motivates every employee to show up with a smile and do meaningful work each day.

It is also an environment where values are upheld and people are recognized, and everyone is surrounded by inclusive and friendly colleagues that help foster better collaboration.

A workplace that continues to expand, yet does not lose sight of its values and mission in delivering meaningful impact.

This is what this premium boutique company continually strives to be for their employees.

Determined to cultivate a positive company culture through their #BeHappier campaign, TDCX envisions that every person can feel safe, grow professionally and have fun while doing what they do best in the workplace.

This applies to all offices across all regions — whether you find yourself in a TDCX office in Asia or in Europe, expect to be greeted with the same welcoming energy.

TDCX Workspace officer Reem Leonardo shares with us more insights on how she is able to #BeHappier through her own everyday work experiences.

When asked about what makes her happy to be part of her team in TDCX, Leonardo replied that it is TDCX’s people-centeredness.

“As a Workspace Officer, my day is composed of interacting with the employees and I especially love that everyone is just warm and welcoming.

Here, no matter how busy one can get we try to find time to say hello or inject little chats with our colleagues.

Truth be told, our work can get stressful sometimes but having this culture and environment makes working a lot easier,” she said.

She also emphasized how the #BeHappier vibe and the ‘Welcome Home’ culture are evident and afforded to everyone from the top management down to third party suppliers.

“You won’t even question that diversity, inclusion, and belongingness exist here.

You will instantly feel it,” Leonardo said. “Whenever we have company-wide events such as dinners, we make sure to mix up the different teams sitting together.

This allows more interaction with colleagues from other teams, and I can share that our colleagues welcome such opportunities; I wouldn’t be surprised to find each time that the room would be filled with lots of laughter and conversations.”