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Tindahan ni Tarsee ‘Essentials’ you would love to give

Louise Lizan



THE Kitchen Sink cinnamon, egg and olive oil top-to-toe bars.

It’s 28 days before Christmas, and the shopping frenzy is on — online, that is.

Other than finding unique, customized and affordable products, buying local through online shopping has become a huge trend since the pandemic restricted movement outside one’s home.

From the first two weeks of Daily Tribune’s Tindahan ni Tarsee online bazaar — a platform for micro, small and medium enterprises to sell goods and items — here are three gift ideas or surprises for those who aren’t sure yet what to give for the festive season.

Organic bath and body sets from The Kitchen Sink
The Kitchen Sink’s Back to Basics set starting at P300 contains the brand’s signature Egg bar, gift bag, a Craftcha bag to store accessories or things with — all inside a handwoven box that can be used for other purposes (plant holder, for example).

NATIVE Mangyan pouches.

The Kitchen Sink’s Christmas Box Sets — which includes the Essentials for P500 and the Complete Package for P1,200 — are also environment-friendly with organic products relatively safe for sensitive skin, using natural ingredients straight from the kitchen.

Besides organic soaps, they also have lip balms and All-Over Butter bars.

Mangyan products from
Bibo Nitibu Handicrafts
If you are into local handicrafts, Bibo Nitibu has it all: Masks, beads, clothes, hats and other accessories made by the Mangyan of Mindoro. A native pouch costs P150. Stylish and colorful beaded earrings are available for P50 that one can easily mix-and-match with Bibo Nitibu’s variety of headbands, bracelets, keychains and even for customized I.D. holders.

Bibo Nitibu has masks in many designs for P100. You can also pair it with an ear saver for additional comfort.

For orders and inquiries, contact 09054617430, search for Bimbot Go on Facebook, or email [email protected]

UBE jam


Bottled ube and macapuno
jams from Ooh! Bae
Not only will its catchy name draw people in, but the ube and macapuno jams will make them come back for more. Ooh! Bae’s secret recipe is the Cabigting family’s very own and was passed down to the owner by her mother. It consists of pure ube halaya and macapuno with a mix of love and dedication to their craft, at an affordable price of P135 (ube/230ml) and P150 (macapuno/230ml).

Feel free to taste or share the perfect pairing of ube and macapuno from Ooh! Bae for the Christmas season.

For orders and inquiries, message Mel Cabigting on Facebook or through Instagram @ooh!bae. They are open for bulk orders with a notice three to five days prior. Order payments are through GCash, BDO and Cash-on-Delivery.