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Slapshock’s Lee Nadela to Jamir Garcia’s GF: For now, we mourn 

Pocholo Concepcion



BREAKUP, LAWSUIT, DEATH Slapshock guitarist Jerry Basco, bassist Lee Nadela, and the late singer Jamir Garcia

On 28 November, Slapshock bassist Lee Nadela posted on Facebook his thoughts on the death of the band’s frontman Jamir Garcia, saying he’s “deeply saddened over the tragedy.”

In the morning of 26 November, Garcia was found in the bathroom of his residence in Project 8, Quezon City, hanging by the window with a blanket wrapped around his neck, according to a report from QC Police District Station 3 in Talipapa, Novaliches.

He was dead on arrival at the Metro North Medical Center in QC. He was 42.

His demise likewise rendered moot the criminal charges of estafa and qualified theft filed against him at the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office on 12 October by Slapshock guitarist Jerry Basco.

Nadela, on his Facebook post, also addressed Garcia’s domestic partner, Sojina Jaya Crisostomo, who went live on Facebook on 27 November, pouring out her grief over Garcia’s death, at the same time accusing people she held responsible for creating media attention concerning Garcia’s court case.

“Regarding Jaya’s Facebook video post … please don’t accuse me and Jerry Basco of wrongdoing, when we were just speaking out the truth and the injustice done to us,” Nadela said.

On 22 October, Daily Tribune published a story that contained a statement from Nadela that shed light on the incidents that led to Slapshock’s breakup and Basco suing Garcia.

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Nadela’s Facebook post concluded that he will refute Crisostomo’s “baseless accusations” with “concrete evidence” — documents that were to be submitted as proof in the court case that was in its preliminary stage when Garcia died.

“Expect an answer from us. But for now, with all due respect to Jamir and family, we will mourn his passing.  Rest in Peace, pare, Jamir,” said Nadela.