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Smoking sans smoke possible, says PMFTC

Today we have made a dramatic move to transform our business to achieve our bold new vision to design a smoke-free future.

Chito Lozada



PMFTC Inc. Communications Director Dave Gomez reveals the company’s dramatic move to transform its business to deliver a smoke-free future. / photograph courtesy of pmftc

With a world nudged into being health conscious, tobacco companies are also embarking on employing their creativity to ride the wave.

Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corp. Inc., (PMFTC) the giant tie up between a multinational giant and the country’s top cigarette maker, is offering alternatives under a so-called “un-smoke” campaign.

PMFTC Inc. communications director Dave Gomez bared the move of the company to transform its business towards a smoke-free future founded on science and innovation.

At the virtual conference of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of the Philippines’ (4As) CreativeFest Now!, Gomez shared the Philip Morris International’s story of how it would boldly change its traditional cigarette products to better alternatives that are smoke-free that began with the overarching action to “unsmoke.”

“Today we have made a dramatic move to transform our business to achieve our bold new vision to design a smoke-free future. Yes you heard it right, we are a tobacco company working to achieve a world that is free from cigarettes,” Gomez told the attendees representing various fields in advertising, communications, technology and film.

He said, “We have a very specific goal: to provide the world’s adult smokers, who would otherwise continue to smoke, with smoke-free alternatives. We are going smoke-free because it is the right thing to do, and our resources today allow for it.”

This PMI vision “Delivering a Smoke-Free Future,” Gomez conveyed, is anchored on the call to action to “Unsmoke Your World,” or simply “Unsmoke.”
“The Unsmoke message is our foundation. It is the core of our way forward. And it simply reads: If you don’t smoke, don’t start. If you smoke, quit. If you don’t quit, change,” the PMFTC executive stressed.

Definitely not a spin
He explained the seeming paradox is not a gimmick but a real sincere action as the company adapts to the changing times and act responsibly in society.

Expounding on the “Unsmoke” campaign, Gomez said the evolving policy is “to rid smoke from your life” which unites smokers and unsmokers with the common goal to unsmoke themselves, families and friends.

The company’s message is that the best way to implement the ambitious plan is to quit cigarettes and nicotine completely, but the next best way is to switch to better alternatives.

This is why with the support of world-class scientists, engineers, technicians and a state-of-the-art Research and Development facility, PMI began its journey to take the smoke out of smoking.
In smoking, the problem is burning and science indicates that anything you set on fire releases harmful chemicals.

“This is true for the internal combustion engine of a car, the wood in your barbecue and the tobacco in cigarettes,” Gomez narrated.

“Thus we call our vision ‘Delivering a Smoke-Free Future,’” he pointed out.

Gomez expressed gratitude to be able to tell the company’s Unsmoke story before the 4As audience, a conversation that is right on time and right on place.