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When no means yes

There is no shame in saying no. It simply means that you have the courage to say yes to yourself.

Cory Quirino



Is there an underlying need to please each time you say yes? In many situations, this could be the case. And if more often than not you may fall in this category (as I confess, many times, I do) then perhaps it is time to learn to say no.

Is it OK to say no?

Yes, it is perfectly OK.

Why? Because…

Over-extended — You are simply drained and exhausted. At the end of the day, you have come to terms with the reality that you do not have enough energy for yourself. You ended up this way because it was always a “YES” you said to your family, friends and associates.

Not obligated — You are not obliged to agree with everyone. And more importantly, you are not forced to do anything for anyone (unless you wish to do so out of the goodness of your heart).
Not a popularity contest — That’s right, just because the majority of your friends said so does not mean you should agree, too.

Your priority list — This is personal. Your priorities are yours. For example: there is a party being organized and only you have not confirmed. Does it matter? You choose to decline because the safety of the elderly living with you is your topmost concern (especially in these pandemic times).

Accountability — You are responsible for the decisions you make, not anyone else.

If you say yes to a flawed relationship, then only you will suffer the consequences of that decision.

If you choose to sleep past midnight as your nightly regimen, then only you will experience sluggishness the next morning.


If you drown your sorrows over an entire bottle of wine, then you might suffer the hangover.

If you allow your husband/wife or lover to continuously bully and oppress you, then you will suffer from low self-esteem and depression.

Your kind of life — Whether it is a yes or a no, life can never be stopped from moving on.

The force of life will flow as unstoppably as water runs through a river. You can decide here and now whether to live life on the “fast lane” or walk the path of balance and serenity.

Fearless — There is no shame in saying no. It simply means that you have the courage to say yes to yourself.

“Yes to me!”

Love and Light!

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