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Sanitation the new appetizer

Care Balleras



Clean preparation of the goods is a food buyer’s priority. / Photograph courtesy of unsplash/nicotitto

When a meal reaches the table, its presentation and serving size are the first things that we notice before palatability seals our delight. But like many things in life, food consumption was turned upside down by COVID-19.

These days, aesthetics and even taste come second to sanitation and fast delivery, as consumers continue to adjust to pandemic-related changes.

In a survey among Asian countries by technology and engineering company Emerson, it was revealed that eight out of 10 (81 percent) individuals see reliable refrigeration and clean preparation as the current critical points when deciding what produce to buy and where to get them.

Foodies now rely online for their produce supply. / photograph courtesy of FoodNavigator Asia

This revamped consumer choice has shaped the way retailers, supermarkets and suppliers decide when investing in high-tech cold chain infrastructure.

Foodies in lockdown
As a basic necessity and a pleasurable endeavor for many, eating amid the lockdown was hugely affected by these new purchasing habits of individuals, or foodies, for that matter.

People now rely on online shopping for their fresh produce supply, and with loads of options out on the web, top of the checklist when ordering is the refrigeration and temperature facility of the online store.

Reliable refrigeration system is also a must for locked-down food buyers. / photograph courtesy of unsplash/benziad

Without having to see the goods personally, consumers now do research about the online food shops to avoid receiving spoiled items at home.

As more people now cook at home, the quality of a household’s food supply will entirely depend on the online food retailer.

Food retailers move
Hence, instead of capitalizing on wide halls where food shoppers can easily move, retailers, suppliers and supermarkets changed priorities in favor of a high-quality refrigeration system for their storage and transportation units to follow the new consumer trajectory.

This is warranted by the same survey with 82 percent of supermarkets and 71 percent of wet markets improving their methods and standards in ensuring food safety and quality apt for a more health-savvy market.

While sanitation of food sources are the appetizers in the pandemic food journeys, retailers should keep in mind that taste, presentation and customer service are still a must.