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New movies this Sunday

Catch the TV premiere of Black Lipstick, starring Kyline Alcantara, Migo Adecer and Snooky Serna.




IT’S Sunday movie marathon as the Kapuso Movie Festival presents ‘Black Lipstick,’ ‘Monsters vs Aliens’ and ‘Bakla.’ / PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF GMA

Three movies are screening on 22 November on GMA Network.

The Kapuso Movie Festival presents Monsters vs Aliens, about a woman who transforms into a giant after she is struck by a meteorite on her wedding day.

She then becomes part of a team of monsters sent by the United States to defeat an alien masterminding to take over the Earth.

On GMA Blockbusters, catch the TV premiere of Black Lipstick starring Kyline Alcantara, Migo Adecer and Snooky Serna. It’s about Ikay, a girl suffering from a skin condition, vitiligo and often described as a living meme in college.

Upon discovering the powers of a magical black lipstick, “Icky Ikay” leads a double life as a social media influencer named Jessie. Set in the world of vlogs, dating apps, and live videos, her story reimagines the varying concepts of beauty and acceptance in the age of social media.

Showing on Telesine Presents is Bakla which stars Romnick Sarmenta. It’s about the colorful story of Joy, a bubbly gay person whose troubles he keeps to himself.

Financial problems lead him to serve men to provide for his mentally disabled sister Ningning. But when a social worker takes a look at their situation, Joy rethinks if he is still fit to care for his sibling.

Don’t miss this line-up on Kapuso Movie Festival before All-Out Sundays, GMA Blockbusters after Dear Uge Presents, and Telesine Presents after The Boobay and Tekla Show on GMA 7.