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Berlin man suspected as a cannibal

Agence France-Presse



AFP Photo.

BERLIN, Germany (AFP) — German police have arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of cannibalism after they found human bones stripped completely of flesh in a Berlin suburb.

Berlin prosecutors said Friday they are “investigating at full speed to shed light on the sexual murder with suspicion of a cannibalistic background.”

The suspect was arrested on Wednesday in connection with the September disappearance of a 44-year-old man in the German capital.

Police did not name the suspect, but the Bild daily identified him as Stefan R., a high school maths and chemistry teacher.

Officers combing the suspect’s home found a sack truck and a medical bone saw in his cellar, along with 25 kilograms of sodium hydroxide, “a caustic soda suitable for dissolving human tissue,” an investigator told Bild.

A large fridge was also found in the cellar but it was empty, Bild said.

Traces of blood were also uncovered at the suspect’s flat, prosecutor Martin Steltner told AFP.

The suspect has not yet commented on the accusations, Steltner added.

Police published a photo of the victim, named as Stefan T., after he disappeared and sought information from the public, but without success.

The bones were found by people strolling in a park in Berlin’s north-eastern Pankow district on 8 November, with forensic analysis later showing them to be Stefan T.’s remains.

Further investigations and sniffer dogs then led them to the 41-year-old suspect, who was arrested at his flat, police said.

Investigators analyzed the victim’s mobile phone data, allowing them to identify a taxi driver who had driven him to the suspect’s flat.