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Derek Ramsay: ‘The breakup happened fast’

The actor confirmed rumors that he and girlfriend Andrea Torres have parted ways — a mere two months after appearing on their YouTube channel as a couple giving a tour of a big house Derek was building.

Raye Sanchez



NO one was to blame for the breakup, says Derek. / Photograph courtesy of GMA

“The breakup happened so fast. Maybe two people are just not meant to be,” actor Derek Ramsay posted on Instagram on 19 November, following rumors that he and girlfriend Andrea Torres have parted ways — a mere two months after the couple appeared on a video tour of a big house he was building.

The Instagram post was a response to a netizen’s comment which insinuated that since Derek’s previous relationship, with Joanne Villablanca, lasted six years and he and Andrea were good for only 14 months, there must be something wrong with Andrea.

“There is nothing wrong with Andrea,” wrote Derek. “She is a great woman. There’s no third party!!!! Please respect us na lang. We shared our love to all of you, sana naman we can keep this to ourselves. Mahal ko si Ada kaya di ako magsasalita pero if I hear lies about her, I will defend her.”

Rumors of the breakup surfaced when netizens noticed that Andrea unfollowed Derek and deleted their photos on her Instagram account.

AFTER 14 months, Andrea and Derek called it quits. / Photograph courtesy of ig/ramsayderek07

Only last September, they appeared on their “ANDREK” YouTube channel as a couple, with Derek giving viewers a tour of a huge house he was building for his parents, himself and hopefully for Andrea.

More recently, on 5 November, they were featured on Dr. Vicki Belo’s YouTube vlog.

In July 2019, Derek and Andrea co-starred in the GMA 7 series The Better Woman. When the series concluded in September of that year, they publicly admitted they were in a relationship.