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Virtual taste of Phl in NYC




Philippine Ambassador to US Jose Manuel Romualdez. (Right) Deputy Consul General Kerwin Orville Tate. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF NEW YORK PCG

Filipino-Americans have fearlessly answered the call to be at the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States. Unfortunately, among the businesses that were badly hit by COVID-19 are Filipino-American restaurants.

Nevertheless, Fil-Am History Month continues its celebration with a gastronomic experience titled “Virtual Taste of the Philippines.” The event, held 10 October via Facebook, was made possible by the collaboration between the Philippine Consulate General in New York and the Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia.

Philippine Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez said in his brief remarks that Fil-Am History Month “highlights the valuable contributions of Filipino Americans in the economic and social growth of the United States.”


(TOP) Chef Kiki Aranita poses with her ‘kinilaw na kona kampachi.’ Maryland’s Philippine Smoked BBQ & Grill pitmaster Romy and Lalaine Balan showed how to roast ‘lechon’ while TSISMIS NYC chef Jappy Afzelius poses with his ‘aligue’ pasta. (Bottom) Chef Genevieve Francisco presents her ‘escabeche,’ Dean Gonzaga of Palaweño Brewery New Jersey shows how to make cocktails using Palaweño beer while Ani Gavino performs ‘De/scribing Maharlika.’

The virtual event featured cooking demonstrations from renowned Filipino-American chefs Philadelphia’s Poi Dog chef Kiki Aranita, Maryland’s Philippine Smoked BBQ & Grill pitmasters Romy and Lalaine Balan, Tsismis NYC chef Jappy Afzelius, Philadelphia catering chef Genevieve Francisco. There were also showcases from Dean Gonzaga of Palaweño Brewery New Jersey and Emmy Award-winning TV personality, Billy Dec.

“Virtual Taste of the Philippines” also featured performances from Ani Gavino, Philippine Folk Arts Society, Arato Brothers, DJ Ronnie D., Filipino-American Association Inc. and Elaine Ficarra.

Brad Baldia, PACCGP president, and Chris Rivera, NaFFAA National Operations Officer, co-hosted the program.

ONLINE fiesta Consul Arman Talbo (third row, second from left) and PACCGP president Brad Baldia, together with chefs and attendees.