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Plantitos, read this

Hydroponic farming can be easy with the right container.




HYDROPONIC farming has many benefits, including taking the weather out of the equation. / W. Commons

With planting as a hobby a hit in the Philippines as a way to combat the stresses of the pandemic, the future of agriculture may be found in commercial containers which can host plants hydroponically.

Hydroponic farming has many benefits, including saving the resources involved in soil cultivation and avoiding the uncertainty of weather conditions, according to Seedo, an innovator in the field of commercial growth containers.

Approximately 40 percent of the costs of produce in large city supermarkets are used to cover logistics and shipping.

Commercial containers such as those from Seedo would expand the potential for urban farming to anywhere, anytime. Plants can be cultivated 24/7, regardless of location.

For example, the automated urban farm is ideally suited to the growing market for medical cannabis products.

Seedo is the technology behind the world’s first automated medical cannabis farm, which will yield significantly more plants than traditional controlled greenhouses.

Another opportunity for the Seedo technology is to improve the agriculture of at-risk countries like the Philippines, where global warming and other concerns threaten consistent farming and food production.

In some areas, farmers can use Seedo equipment and technology for growing not only medicinal herbs, but also greens such as lettuce, kale and wheatgrass; herbs such as parsley, dill and basil; and vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and bell peppers and even strawberries.

In the home, individuals can set up a small unit that grows plants easily and effectively without intervention.

The Seedo products use artificial intelligence software to control and monitor plant development from the moment the seed is planted. The software tracks each plant’s development, and responds by taking action to optimize growth.