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Sister ni Pia tinawag na ‘animal’ ang sariling ina




Galit na galit pa rin ang kapatid ni Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach na si Sarah sa kanilang inang si Chery Alonzo-Tyndall.

Matapos magkaayos ang magkapatid, ang nanay naman nila ang tinitira ngayon ni Sarah na diretsahan niyang tinawag na “animal.”

Nagpa-Q&A session ang sister ni Pia sa kanyang Instagram followers at isa-isa nga niyang sinagot ang mga intriguing na tanong ng mga netizens about her personal life.

Nag-post muna siya ng litrato ng kanyang left hand at nilagyan ng caption na, “Anxiety attack, how I wake up everyday, good morning. Go ahead, what do you want to ask me?”

Unang tanong sa kanya, “Do you hate your mom? Why? And since when?” “She solicited me when I was younger in exchange for money, then I got gang raped and then raped again for the second time, and she told me, I deserved it. Next.”

Another one asked her, “How do you deal with your anxiety?” “By facing it head on, like right now, my anxiety is level 99999 pero go lang.”

Kamusta ka?

Sa tanong na, “Does your mom ask for forgiveness, or even a simple sorry?” sagot ni Sarah, “Nope. She hasn’t approached me for six months since she told me I deserved it. Siya pa ‘yung lumayo LOL. FYI, she lives like 10 min drive away from me and has the keys to my house.”

Tanong naman ng isa pang IG user, “Did you file a case when u were raped?” “Gang rape? Or normal rape? Sorry there were many incidents, you need to more specific.”

Another question was, “How come you hated your mama in her vlogs before she took care of Logan and Lara?”

Sarah said, “That woman did not take care of my kids. It’s funny what social media shows and what it doesn’t, huh?”

Mapapatawad ba niya ang nanay niya kapag lumapit ito sa kanya? “Sagutin niya muna tanong ko, bakit deserve ko, eh, siya ‘yung nag drive?”

Isa pang tanong sa kanya, “Ate Sa, why would your mom do that to you? Why she’s like that? Maybe she experienced the same thing?”

“Dunno. I don’t know what bs (bullshit) excuse, she wants to give to justify that.”

“At what age did this all happen? Because in all your moms blogs you all seemed so happy? Sending u hugs,” comment naman ng isa pang netizen.

Sey ni Sarah, “Based on the timeline siguro when I was about 12? But on the email she sent me, she said I was 10. And deserved it. Lol. This woman.”

At sa nakakalokang question na, “Do you have any happy memories with your mom?” “Mmmm, right now, no. I have pure hatred towards that animal.”

Did you file a case when you were gang raped?

‘’Nope. My mom knew about it. Isn’t it her job to file? I was a minor that didn’t know better? Weird.”

Why does your mom make herself look like an ulirang lola in her vlogs? Sending healing.

“Ewan ko d’yan. I got my receipts to prove I’m not wrong so…just waiting for my case to be filed properly,” aniya.

Bukas ang pahinang ito para sa paliwanag ng mommy nina Pia at Sarah.