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False fangs




When American TikTok user Claudia Snell posted a DIY video on how to whiten the teeth using 3 percent hydrogen peroxide, more than 12.4 million users of the video-sharing sites watched it. That’s how many have stained teeth and are eager to know how to get rid of it.

The video spawned copycats showing other TikTok users trying the method. How Snell’s post trended was an indication of how many copied her procedure of either rubbing her teeth with a cotton bud dipped in a mild hydrogen peroxide or gargling a mix of the chemical and water. It’s unknown though how many from the 12.4 million succeeded in making their teeth white in four days to four weeks.

Some commenters discouraged the method for being unsafe or complained that it did not work. Dentists commented that teeth whitening should be handled by professionals to ensure safe use. Others praised Snell for the practical tip. The video also drove sales of mild hydrogen peroxide.

There’s a new TikTok video on tampering the teeth this time to make fangs longer and scarier in time for the traditional Halloween costume parties. TikTokers came up with videos of how to stick vampire fangs and showing off their looks with it.

The vampire fangs showoff videos are trending and have spawned related TikTok videos: TikTokers desperately trying to remove fake fangs. One video shows a TikToker using a nail polish remover on his teeth.

Other TikTokers are frantically brushing their teeth to remove the glued fangs. Another TikToker has one fang removed but struggles to remove the other.

Dentists have posted advice including the use of the right adhesive like denture glue or visiting the dentist to safely remove attached fangs.

Other dentists’ TikTok posts give this reminder or warning when putting vampire fangs: do not use super glue.