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Bizarre things can happen at the airport. Arriving without one’s luggage is bad enough, but other nightmares include finding tarantulas or iguanas and even narcotics disguised as tea or some other substance, as well as shady characters planting a bullet in someone’s bag or carrying “pastillas” with fillings “sweeter” than sugar.

One for the record books, however, took place on 2 October 2020 at the Hamad International Airport in Doha, Qatar.

Airport security personnel herded some women waiting at a portion of the passenger terminal to an ambulance parked on the tarmac without any explanation. There, a female obstetrician-gynecologist told them to take off their underwear for a surprise physical exam of their private part.

Qatar Airways Flight 908 bound for Sydney, Australia was not spared. Authorities delayed the plane’s takeoff and boarded it to do the same thing. Women passengers were ordered to disembark and likewise were herded to the ambulance. The passengers were left clueless about the invitation until after they were told to strip off their undies for an ocular of their genitalia.

Authorities were not looking for contraband hidden inside vaginas. The invasive physical exam was to identify signs of birth as an abandoned newborn was found in a toilet at the airport.

Authorities wanted to find the baby’s mother to give her medical attention and probably to arrest her.

Single mothers who give birth is like a crime in the Islamic emirate and those caught may face capital punishment. In strict Islamic countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, there have been reports of adulterers being stoned to death.

In any case, the Australian government is not letting the violation of some of its citizens’ rights pass. It condemned the “disgusting” inspection of 13 Australian citizens and demanded an explanation from Doha.

The government of Qatar has yet to respond to Canberra, but defended the action as humanitarian. Meanwhile, the baby is in good health and under the care of authorities.

Unfortunately, such way of finding mothers who abandon their babies is not effective. The scandalous inspection failed to find the mother from all the women strip-searched that day. Instead, the uncalled for touch they got traumatized them.