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Ashes of Yorme’s mom interred

Pat C. Santos



The remains of the mother of Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso were laid to rest yesterday.

Upon the request of the family, the interment, which was held privately, adhered to strict health protocols, with a physically-distanced Mass and blessing of the urn held at 1 p.m.

Family members, close relatives and friends who were wearing masks and face shields attended the Mass and stayed on to personally console the mayor, who tearfully thanked them one by one using his elbow as he made his way to his car.

Rosario Domagoso, 74, better known as Nanay Chayong, passed away on Sunday, 25 October, due to a lingering illness.

Her demise came a day after Moreno and son Joaquin celebrated their 46th and 19th birthdays, respectively, on 24 October.

Her remains were immediately cremated and were interred yesterday, following her wish that there be no fanfare when she passes on.

Domagoso and his family left after the ashes were placed in a columbary.