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Order of the White Crown




A general notion of one’s identity is related to what’s on top of one’s head.

Look around. You can definitely see luxury treatments in salons and at times, even peppered at home. Giant corporations have hopped on this behavioral pattern through the battle of promoting care products in ways never dreamt before.

An unexpected daring haircut is considered a major breakthrough. A different tint is seen as a new chapter in life. The message: Look at me!

Eventually, not necessarily sadly, the hair starts to go gray. For some, this is a signal of decline — a nightmare and a challenge rolled in one. Others accept this reality and consider it a rite of passage — a visible sign of wisdom, a constant reminder of experience. Some may even treat this as a welcome indicator of a life well-lived.

Now comes a big decision. Perhaps as important as Shakespeare’s classic “To be or not to be?” Will one hide this change in shame, or will one wear it proudly like a silver crown?

Due to the onset and spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, extended lockdowns became de rigueur over the entire country — and even the world.

Several friends had weekly visits and rumor has it, some do not even start their day without going to the salon. And as such, access to parlors has been restricted and home services were likewise nonexistent due to health concerns. Naturally, hair started to grow — and for the more mature, their hair turned to gray.

Some individuals attempted to dye their own locks, while others were notorious for their absence during Zoom video meetings for seemingly no reason at all.

However, there were others who maintained hair color in past sessions with their respective hairdresser-friends and who eventually accepted this natural occurrence with outstretched open arms for what it is and today are now extremely pleased with their decision.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Meet these Cebuanos who take pride in their crowning glory.

Unlike most of my friends, the first sighting of those dreaded gray hairs atop my head didn’t throw me into hysterics.  I actually welcomed it!  I have had enough of regular three-week-visits to the hair salon to highlight my hair color and straighten out my curly, frizzy locks. So, without so much as a word to hubby and family, I took off one morning for a long awaited appointment with Stefan at Exposé and the rest, as they say, is history.  Short, short hair au natural and this silver-haired granny has never looked back!

I realized that it is your sense of vitality and your character that define you. You could go to the best salon and have a dye job. However, the minute you have a slump in your step, you are old. Lesson learned. Look and act your age.

I walk every day to keep myself fit and healthy. Naturally, I end up shampooing my hair daily as well. Appointments to the hair salon became even more frequent. Until one day, I simply decided it was time to embrace the aging process and be proud of my natural hair color. I have reconnected with my real true self. It is the best decision I have ever made.

I’ve battled hair dyes for years and bounced around from color to color, as if ashamed of this beautiful gift I have been blessed. Now my heart feels so full when friends tell me I have inspired them to embrace their natural beauty. Gray is a color — not an age definition.

For the longest time, I used to dye my hair until I realized graying is part of aging. It’s distinguished, it’s attractive, and people just love it. Personally, I believe if you color your hair, it’s like a sign saying, “I’m covering up what’s happening to me as a man.” Just let it go natural. It’s being secure with yourself.

After a couple of years thinking of going gray, I decided to go for it, embraced the natural and went through an immense change in my life. Be bold. Be authentic. Be you!