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‘Miracle’ babies




Actress Assunta de Rossi has finally given birth to her first ever baby with ex-congressman Jules Ledesma. She described their daughter, nicknamed Fiore, as a miracle baby as she was 20 years in the making with her husband of 18 years. Fiore was born via C-section at the Cardinal Santos Medical Center in San Juan City on Friday.

Fiore won’t be the only miracle baby getting so much attention during the week though. The mom of Sarah Isao of Donsol, Sorsogon is tugging on the hearts of good Samaritans for the medical needs of the “baby.”

Sarah is actually 28 years old, but because of a condition called congenital hypothyroidism that deprives her of thyroid hormone, her body did not develop normally. She couldn’t walk so she is placed in a walker. She also has difficulty swallowing, so she is only fed with milk and porridge.

According to her mother Merly, Sarah was not moving when she was born, but because the family is poor and could not afford medical services, the baby was not brought to a doctor until she was eight years old. By that time, her condition seemed irreversible.

Merly is not losing hope though. Social media may yet bring them the help they need.

Meanwhile, in Iran, there is a “baby” that some baby-less mothers have. It’s actually a doll that looks and feels like a real baby.

Designed by Maryam Aghayee, the doll called Reborn is intended to serve as a fake sibling of young single children looking for a little brother or sister. While it may be cost-effective for moms using it since they just need to pretend feeding the doll, a real baby sibling is still the real deal.

The most viral “baby” of the week is a colorful one literally. A puppy with green fur was born in Sardinia, Italy last 9 October.

Farmer Cristian Mallocci’s shepherd dog named Spelacchia gave birth to five puppies with white fur, except for Pistachio, the green-haired one. According to a report, the color is genetically caused by the pigment biliverdin while the puppy is still in the womb.

The green fur of Pistachio will eventually turn into white as it grows old, experts said.

The superstitious Mallocci believes that Pistachio would bring him luck during this bad time of pandemic. However, even though the expected good fortune has yet to arrive, Pistachio is making his owner’s neighbors green with envy because its photo is going “viral” on social media.