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Red Velvet’s Irene apologizes for ‘bad behavior’




RED Velvet’s Irene expressed her remorse over her alleged bad behavior towards a stylist and editor. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF IG/RENEBAEBAE

Irene, the leader of South Korean girl group Red Velvet, has issued a statement on Instagram (@renebaebae) about her recent alleged bad behavior towards a stylist and editor.

Written in Korean and translated in English by several Korean sites on 22 October, Irene expressed remorse over her actions.

“This is Irene. I am sincerely sorry for hurting the stylist with my foolish attitude and careless words and actions. Getting to this spot involved help from many people who worked together with me, but my immature actions caused great hurt and I regret that and am reflecting. I’ve been looking back on the past because of this, and I’ve felt very embarrassed because of my lacking words and actions and I once again feel how precious the staff are. I will be more cautious about my actions in the future so that this does not happen again. I am sincerely sorry to the fans who support me and to everyone who has been concerned because of this,” her caption read, accompanied by a black photo.

Her agency, SM Entertainment, also released a statement. “This is SM Entertainment. We are conveying our statement about the stylist’s online post regarding Irene. Irene personally met with the stylist this afternoon and sincerely apologized for deeply hurting her with her careless attitude and emotional words and actions, and she feels sorry for causing concern with her immaturity. Our agency feels responsibility for this incident, and we do not forget the hard work of all the representatives and staff who work together with our company and our artists. We will work hard so that this does not happen again to the people we work with. We once again apologize for causing concern to many people.”

The hashtag #Irene took the number one spot on the night of 22 October, with several fans expressing their support for the idol.

“Irene hotter now that we know she has a temper actually,” wrote pussy lips elastic (@8inchseulgi). This is the most liked and retweeted post with 2,555 likes and 1,201 retweets as of this writing.

Some fans came to Irene’s defense. They even shared a screenshot of a post that alleged the “true events” that led to the incident.

The screenshot read: “They said she was upset for no reason except she had total reason to be upset. She had to change her outfit last minute, her in-ear fell out 10 seconds in, and allegedly, she kept getting electrocuted. She shouldn’t have lashed out, but saying it was for no reason is a bold-faced lie.”