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Cannon bowl




For sober men, a vintage cannon can be used either as a museum exhibit or a war reenactment prop. However, for four New Jersey men with mischief in mind, it’s a recipe for destruction and public alarm.

New Jersey police learned this on Saturday night when they responded to 911 calls reporting explosions heard in College Drive, Vineland.

Daniel R. Galloway, 43, was driving a pickup with a trailer in tow on a field. When the police stopped him, they found a cannon and fireworks in the trailer. On the pickup truck bed were two mortar tubes for fireworks and a bowling ball with a rope attached to it. Under a seat was a box containing black powder and other “explosive chemicals.”

Galloway’s three friends — Dominick Cappellari, 18, of Millville; Jonathan L. Holland, 28, of Vineland; and Anthony J. Polo, 18, of Port Norris — were also in the truck.

They admitted to police they wanted to fire a bowling ball through the cannon using explosive powder from the fireworks. How such a thought came to play in their minds was the question.

The cops were right in their suspicion. They found incriminating evidence in the vehicle, namely, marijuana in the center console, two glass smoking pipes and two burned, hand-rolled cigars containing suspected pot, all of which Galloway admitted were his. For that offense, he was arrested.

Also found in the rear seat of the pickup was “a bookbag containing $29 in cash, a glass smoking pipe, a metal grinder containing suspected marijuana, three plastic bags containing more ‘green vegetation,’ three sealed bottles containing liquid THC labeled ‘750 MG THC’ and rolling papers,” according to a report of

No one admitted owning the bag, so they were all arrested for possession of controlled substances. They are now facing drug charges.

An added charge against Galloway was possession of a cannon, a destructive device.

Had the suspects fired the bowling ball using the cannon while under the influence of drugs, they would likely have made a strike, and a very damaging one at that.