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Seo Ye Ji leads new mystery drama

Care Balleras



“It’s Okay Not to Be Okay” star Seo Ye Ji is soon to have a small-screen comeback for a fantasy-mystery drama “Island”.

Jumping from a heavy drama related to mental health, she will take the lead role of Won Mi Ho, an heiress excommunicated by her family due to controversial headlines.

She then goes on with a challenging journey of unveiling the secrets of Jeju island and will be abducted by Yokai who plans to destroy humanity.

The 30-year-old actress also recently made waves on social media after winning Popular Star Award at the 2020 Buil Film Awards. Fans also gushed over her stunning black tube gown making her a red carpet favorite.

Produced by OCN, the 10-episode “Island” series is set to run in early 2021.