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Moira pulls heartstrings with new song ‘Paubaya’

Care Balleras



Again, Moira made everyone heartbroken with her new track “Paubaya”.

Fans poured praises for the singer-songwriter for slaying melancholic notes despite her evidently happy married life.

Some see the song as deeply resonating with Moira’s song about letting go “Take her to the moon.”

Meanwhile, some surmised that the emotional pain described in the song mirrored from the 26-year-old’s battle with depression and anxiety caused by her Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

PCOS, according to Mayo Clinic is a hormonal disorder common among women that may cause the failure to release eggs. This becomes a problem for Moira as she becomes more vocal about planning to build a family with her husband Jason Marvin, a year or two from now.

Others also took the time to share their own share of heartbreaks on the comment section of the song’s lyric video which now has more than 240,000 views since its release.