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Angkas ready to deploy 30K riders

Maria Romero



Motorcycle taxi pioneer Angkas is all-set to deploy its close to 30,000 partner riders following the government’s go-signal to resume their operations to boost public transportation capacity.

In a briefing this afternoon, Angkas chief transport advocate George Royeca said their fleet of trained riders is prepared to “safely” ferry commuters returning to work amid the reopening of the economy.

While Angkas is still awaiting the release of official guidelines on their resumption, Royeca noted that their drivers will continue to undergo training on proper disinfection to ensure the safety of passengers.

“We’ve been working to prepare the fleet to safely lift passengers, to ensure ride-hailing passengers are safe… There were no accidents nor issues on transmission,” he said in an interview.

The Malacanang on Friday approved the request of Metro Manila’s local chief executives to continue the pilot study of motorcycle taxis after Angkas reported that no viral transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) had been reported during its recent free transport service for medical workers.

Congress, through the House transportation committee, had earlier expressed its support in the continued pilot run pending a resolution that would legitimize motorcycle taxis as a form of public transportation.

Motorcycle taxis recently gained prominence as a cheap alternative mode of transportation because of its ability to “beat the traffic” in congested areas like Metro Manila.