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Franchising offers opportunity in crisis

Those who are tucked inside their homes are ramping up their business plan.

Komfie Manalo



The past few months have been difficult for businesses, especially for small and start-up businesses with limited capital. Many of them had to shut their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of which may never reopen.

According to beauty queen -turned-businesswoman Miriam Quimbao Roberto, those who are tucked inside their homes are ramping up their business plan since the public health turmoil has prompted people to step up to keep their financial condition afloat.

Online franchise sensation Siomai King, through its online ordering portal, helps dealers cope with the pandemic.

Sure income earner
Their new scheme provides franchisees a better and safer way of earning additional income during the COVID-19 pandemic. It particularly aims to help those who lost their job due to the lockdowns imposed to prevent the spread of the disease.

As the demand for online food services continues to grow, Roberto said Siomai King has committed itself to develop more innovative services and expand its menu to give its growing number of customers more options.

All-time favorite
Siomai King offers Taiwan Beef Noodles, Pork Gyoza, Vegetarian Kuchai, and regular Pork Dumplings, the oriental zesty taste of Spicy Chicken, Spicy squid and Spicy pork.

Easy to prepare, with cooking instructions indicated on every Siomai King Express seasonal products, you’ll surely turn your dining room into a Chinese restaurant in no time.

Siomai King is the first food franchise brand in the Philippines that introduced an innovative online franchise business approach.