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Fans of hit BL series ‘Still 2gether’ cry foul

Louise Lizan



GMMTV’s decision to push through with the 2gether Live On Stage show despite the current situation in Thailand has hit a raw nerve among fans of the popular Boys Love (BL) series Still 2gether.

The words “POSTPONE THE SHOW” continue to flood Twitter trends as the live concert draws nearer. Fans are still hoping for a last-minute postponement for the safety of everyone involved as thousands of Thais in protest for the country’s democracy and freedom fill the streets of Bangkok.

“Can GMMTV please postpone the 2gether concert? In times like this, it’s really inappropriate and disrespectful for them to continue the concert while Thailand is in a difficult situation right now. The cast must be feeling awkward and horrible to perform while this is happening,” a fan tweeted.

Another added, “Postpone the show. We’re willing to wait. Don’t put your artists’ lives in danger as well as the activists.’” 2gether Live On Stage is slated to happen on 17 and 18 October, 2 p.m. (Bangkok Time) at the Union Hall F6, Union Mall.

To adhere to the strict social distancing measures, only 2,600 attendees instead of the initial 4,600 are allowed inside the venue.

Global livestreaming for the show’s international fans are also available for viewing on VLIVE on the 18th at the same time.