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Khalil Ramos on GMA transfer: It feels right, special

Louise Lizan



KHALIL Ramos has a heart for content creation. PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF GMA-7

A passion for storytelling has led 27-year-old Khalil Ramos to doors of opportunity amid the pandemic. Recently he literally walked through one of these doors — the GMA Network, where he signed on 13 October an exclusive contract as a talent of GMA Artist Center.

The actor-singer has always gone with the flow, career-wise, making films one after the other with guidance from his past management company in the last nine years. The decision to transfer networks was made earlier this year when GMA talked to him.

However, he couldn’t commit due to his workload at the time.

“Prior to this pandemic, Gabbi (Garcia, his girlfriend and also a GMA talent) and I were really busy, we had a lot on our plates. So, I told GMA that I’ll think about it and hopefully we could meet and discuss.” he said during a video conference.

The pandemic stalled the talks.

“Right until late July, that’s when the talks resumed,” said Khalil. “They wanted to get to know me, my passions, what I would want for my career, my trajectory as an artist. They made me feel that there’s an avenue or platform at GMA…”

Another factor he considered was that he could work more with Gabbi since she’s also a Kapuso.

The couple starred in the film LSS in 2019.

Before the pandemic, Khalil joined Filipino screenwriter Ricky Lee’s workshops and was planning to work on a script this year. Khalil likewise wanted to apprentice for a director, cinematographer or writer to further expand his knowledge of filmmaking.

He actually owns Limitless Productions, which he and his friends formed in 2017. He has collaborated with directors and cinematographers as actor and mentee.

He said his dream is to write and direct his own film: “I have a long way to go. I’m still a student of the medium.”

He revealed that he and Gabbi challenged themselves to push each other’s limits to create content on YouTube and other platforms.

“We believe this is the best way to exercise our creativity and to connect with our audience firsthand,” he said.

“GMA showed tremendous support from the get-go,” he pointed out. “They talked to me about production. They were excited about the opportunities, that I can pitch stories. Hopefully one day I can direct.”

For now, Khalil’s singing comeback will be shown on GMA’s All Out Sundays, and an episode of Magpakailanman is being discussed.

One of his dream projects is to host a culinary and travel show with Gabbi.

On his new home network, he said: “It feels new, but I’m very sure it feels right. It feels special and I’m very happy.”